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Pon-Cat & Pon-Cat Premier

The PON-CAT & PON CAT Premier platforms provide endless options to maximize your enjoyment on the water.

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The initial design of the Pon-Cat & Pon-Cat Premier watercraft focused on a stable, easy-to-use solution for wounded veterans, older customers and those with difficulty operating and maneuvering the classic watercraft solutions (canoe, kayak, etc.).

Over the last decade the Pon-Cat & Pon-Cat Premier watercraft have evolved as a result of customer feedback. The accessories, the motor, the carefully designed fishing options, etc. were all developed to answer a need.

Today, we offer two models of the Pon-Cat & Pon-Cat Premier watercraft that can be accessorized as needed by the individual user.

Our customers use the Pon-Cat & Pon-Cat Premier for fishing in those hard to reach alcoves, rental operations, river/pond/lake recreation and even transportation from boat to dock.

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Poncat Model 200SP

Poncat Model 200SP Customize Now!

Poncat Boat 300WP

Poncat Boat 300WP Customize Now!

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