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Our drive and focus at Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. is providing a comprehensive package of services that complement our customer’s needs from inception to delivery. A US owned and operated company providing a “One-Stop Shop” for all of your production and manufacturing needs.

Product Design

This is the “bringing an idea to life” phase. Most customers have a vision of their product and may have early sketches of the design. However, maturing that idea into a manufactured product will take a few steps. The first and foremost is design. Will the product meet the demands of use in the targeted application? This will require evaluation of different materials that provide varying capabilities inherent to the materials selected. We will work with the customer to define the product function targets and then move forward with material consideration. At the end of this phase the customer will see their vision as a life-like graphic. Next comes the prototyping.

Product Prototyping

This is the visualization and validation phase. For a customer that may not have prototypes or working models of their product we recommend validating a design through prototyping prior to any commitment on an injection mold base. During this phase a customer can verify dimensions, shapes, and functionality of their design. This process may include modeled plastic using the same machines that produce the plates for the plastic injection mold giving you a product-like representation. Alternatively, 3D printing has become another option to develop prototypes. Here at Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc., we work with our customer to assist in developing the CAD modeling file and ultimately the desired shape of the product.

Mold Manufacturing

This is the pre-production phase. Once a customer has confirmed the shape, dimensions and feel or their product, it is time to proceed with manufacturing the plastic injection mold. Molds are costly investments in the manufacturing process. It is a time-consuming process that requires individuals with a strong knowledge of plastic processing to integrate specific scientific and mechanical designs into the operation of the mold. Some of these considerations are material shrinkage after injection, release draft of the material during the ejection process, cooling requirements necessary to allow the mold to continue for long periods of time without damage to the parts and even the plate material being aluminum or tool-hardened steel. All of these considerations will provide you the perfect part every time. We at Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. provide free quotes on any of our activities.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is the final step in the manufacturing process. At the culmination of the design, prototyping and plastic injection mold process is the “making money” phase. Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. maintains a number of injection molding machines onsite to produce your product under strict color match, process and quality assurance guidelines. Your mold is maintained and stored onsite ensuring continued operation during the installation, production and storage phases. Rest assured your product is shot, verified and approved the same way every time ensuring a quality product for your customers.


The most important step in production and disclosure protection is a patent. Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. utilizes a patent agent for our patent development and submission activities. A patent agent is a registered individual that has all of the requirements to fully develop your invention into a legal disclosure recognized with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) and enforceable in a court of law. While a patent agent in most cases is more qualified than an attorney, a patent agent does not charge the inflated rates that an attorney demands. Therefore, a patent can be submitted for roughly 25% - 50% of the cost of an attorney’s submission. Do not fall victim to the high price patent costs. Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. has dozens of patents submitted and filed with the USPTO. You can be confident that only the best care of your invention is taken during this process.

Trademarking / Registering

Trademarking and Registering your product logo, name or slogan can be an added value to your marketing strategy. Consider companies like Coca-Cola, Aflac, Ford, etc. The visual recognition of their brand is the most valuable asset of the company. Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. utilizes three trademark and registration agents to accomplish the same detail as the patent process. Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. has a number of successful Trademarks/Registrations filed. This process is generally 25% of the overall patent cost. You can be confident that only the best care of your logo and brand is taken during this process.

Packaging Design and Production

Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. provides packaging design and production services utilizing only the best industry vendors. Our vendors are rehearsed in taking our customer’s product and providing secure, protective and lightweight solutions all while providing affordable cost options. If your product needs to be sealed watertight, secured with multiple components or designed to be stackable in a box or on a shelf, we can develop the appropriate packaging for your product.


As an added service to our customers, Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. maintains a production department capable of assembling the individual components of your final product, packaging the product individually and then filling shipping boxes to be drop shipped to your point of distribution. Quality assurance is of the foremost focus of this process.

Shipping your Product

Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. maintains accounts with the US Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and a number of LTL carriers capable of delivering your product anywhere in the world overnight, ground or priority. These shipping costs are discounted due to the combined volume we process annually. We have a number of customers that ship to Amazon and national distribution companies. At Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. we have the right shipping option at the right cost for our customer.

Material Regrind

A focus of Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. is leaving the smallest footprint possible with all of the raw materials we process. During the plastic injection molding process, runners and gates are removed from the product and stored in a protected box for regrind and reuse in future production of your product. All regrind activities are performed at our facility ensuring proper care and handling of the material. This ensures no color or debris contamination of your material during the process. This allows us to reuse close to 95% of all virgin plastic eliminating the waste in our landfills and oceans. The same process is true with all metals utilized in mold manufacturing, tool making and prototyping activities. All metal shavings, chips and debris removed during the process are sorted in similar metal containers and recycled with a local vendor to ensure safe and proper handling of the remnants.

Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. also provides regrind services for local companies extending the mindset of a safer environment to our peers. We process rubbers, ABS, polypropylene, etc. Please contact the office for a quote on regrind services.

Spectrum Custom Molds & Manufacturing, Inc. thrives to be recognized as an environmentally conscious company focused on reuse and remanufacture when possible. These steps protect us today and for generations to come.