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Credit Policy

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Spectrum Custom Molds and Manufacturing, Inc. Credit Policy

Spectrum Custom Molds and Manufacturing, Inc. extends a 30-day payment term for customers purchasing wholesale products. For customers who would like to request credit on wholesale purchases, please contact our office at 941-753-5357 for consideration and/or approval.

Late Payment Fee Schedule

If a customer fails to pay for the invoice in full by the due date, they will be billed a $29 late fee.

In the event a customer reaches 45 days past due, their total amount due will be compounded at 2% interest daily on the outstanding balance.

If a customer reaches 45 days late all future orders will require payment prior to shipment. All outstanding invoices must be paid in full prior to placing a new order.

If an account reaches 60 days, it will be turned over to collections. All fees associated with collection activities will be charged to the customer listed on the specified invoice.

  • Number of Days Late / Late Fee
  • 30 Days / $29
  • 45 Days / 2% Interest Compounded Daily on Outstanding Balance